Prince Martin and the Thieves
Prince Martin and the Thieves
Prince Martin and the Thieves

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Prince Martin and the Thieves

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Available in standard grayscale paperback, premium color paperback, and premium color hardcover. 

Is your son a reluctant reader? If so, the Prince Martin Epic chapter book series is a perfect fit because each book - which can be read as a stand-alone or part of the series - features:

◆ High-stakes action-adventure and danger

◆ Stunning illustrations that explode off the page

◆ Text that appears to be prose—but subtly rhymes

This is the trifecta to engage boys! And it's the rhyming verse that gently pulls them along, encouraging them to find the next rhyme—and want to read the whole book. 

Parents and grandparents will love the series because each tale contains a moral—without a lecture—that encourages the virtues of bravery, loyalty, grit, and compassion, which are traits boys need to become good men.

In Prince Martin and the Thieves, a boy prince and his trusty sidekick must contend with ruthless highwaymen. During their ordeal, the boy discovers courage and compassion, two virtues he'll need to someday become a king. 

Ages 6 and up.

Get your copy now—because their hearts will soar...

Praise for Prince Martin and the Thieves:

"A tale of courage and kindness with a little silliness thrown in. An exciting bedtime story, cleverly written."
-Wayne Grant, bestselling author of The Saga of Roland Inness series


Boys who like swords, knights, castles, quests, and heroic action will love the Prince Martin Epic chapter books series. Each tale can be read in order or as a stand-alone:

★ Prince Martin Wins His Sword
 Prince Martin and the Thieves
★ Prince Martin and the Dragons
★ Prince Martin and the Cave Bear
 Prince Martin and the Last Centaur
 Prince Martin and the Pirates