How to get the Prince Martin e-books onto your device

Prince Martin ebooks pictured on tablet devicesPurchased digital downloads the Prince Martin books can be read on any compatible e-reader: our EPUB file works on almost all tablets, smartphones, desktop computers, and digital reading devices.

For iPad, iPhone, or Mac
Download the .epub file(s) and open them on your device with Apple's Books app. It comes pre-installed on most Apple devices but you can also find it in the App Store.

For Kindle
Transfer the downloaded EPUB file(s) onto your Kindle—or into your Kindle app—using Amazon’s Send To Kindle service. Instructions are on Amazon’s website.

For Nook
Most Nook devices can sideload EPUB files. Check that your device is compatible here, download your Prince Matin book(s) then follow the instructions on the Barnes & Noble website.

For Kobo
Kobo readers can load and display EPUB files. To read it, download the file and follow the instructions on the Kobo website.

For reMarkable
The reMarkable reader can import and show EPUB files. To read your digital Prince Martin books, download the file and follow the instructions on the reMarkable website.

Other systems and software
The e-book editions are compatible with most—but not all—other e-reading software and devices, including Android and desktop computers. Search your app or hardware maker’s website for information on how to transfer unprotected EPUB files to your chosen device or service. Then search for an EPUB reader in your app store.

Need help?
If you get stuck, just email us at info@princemartin.com and we'll give you a hand.