Prince Martin and the Pirates
Prince Martin and the Pirates
Prince Martin and the Pirates
Prince Martin and the Pirates

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Prince Martin and the Pirates

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Available in standard grayscale paperback, premium color paperback, and premium color hardcover. 

Is your son a reluctant reader? If so, the Prince Martin Epic chapter book series is a perfect fit because each book - which can be read as a stand-alone or part of the series.

In this epic illustrated adventure told in riveting rhyming verse, Prince Martin, his Band of Brothers, and his father - the King - embark on a dangerous quest to recover friends lost at sea. Their exciting voyage takes them to the Tropical Main, where unfathomable secrets lay concealed in the deep. But that once-peaceful sea is now plagued by the Dread Pirate Kaine, his gruesome pets, and his infamous crew. When these notorious sea rovers capture the boy prince, Martin discovers that his only hope might come from the sea itself...

This high-stakes clash between good and evil has some scary parts on the way to a glorious, triumphal ending. Ages 9 and up. May not be suitable for younger or sensitive children.

Get your copy now because their hearts will soar...

Praise for Prince Martin and the Pirates:

"This is a wonderful and magical book. It has dastardly pirates, radiant mermaids, a noble king, trusty knights, and, of course, the resourceful and ever-brave Prince Martin. What more could you ask! I only wish my son was young again so I could read this book with him."

- Eric Jay Dolin, author of Black Flags, Blue Waters: The Epic History of America's Most Notorious Pirates


"Adventure, Pirates, Courage. This series is perfect for boys, and parents who want their boys to have something written just for the men their sons will become. The stories they find within these pages will take them farther into their imagination than any video game ever will, and dare them to become who they one day will be."

- Nick Cole, Two-Time Dragon Award Winner, Author of Forgotten Ruin


Books in the Prince Martin Epic chapter books series. Each tale can be read in order or as a stand-alone:

 Prince Martin Wins His Sword

 Prince Martin and the Thieves

 Prince Martin and the Dragons

 Prince Martin and the Cave Bear

 Prince Martin and the Last Centaur

 Prince Martin and the Pirates